Bike Ride with my matey to the Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire

Sunday 12th March 2017, me and Brucie decided to have a spin on the bike to the Ice Cream Factory in Cheshire. Brucie couldn’t remember being there last time as he was probably 18 months old, 2 years maximum.

Anyway after watching the YouTube feature about the place he decided it was definitely worth a 90 minute journey across Cheshire on our trusty Carrera Hybrid. It was the diggers that sold it me thinks 🙂

I hadn’t been out on the bike since January so I knew it was gonna be a tough ride. Hilly for much of the route and Brucie isn’t getting any lighter. I was right! The spin out was fine but omg the ride home was hard going, especially up Dark Ark.

Checkout the our and pics below.


bicycle parking ice cream farm cheshire

mini jcb excavators ice cream farm cheshire

quad -bikes ice cream farm cheshire

Leaking Pipe in Frodsham

The leak appeared in the kitchen. I had cut a hole in the ceiling because the water tank sits above this so there is no access from above! The water appears to be trickling out from the joint indicated in red. It then flows down the light blue stained part of the pipe. Its a very slow leak, about 1 drop every 4 to 5 hours, it seems.

leaking pipe

RED – The joint that appears to be leaking.

BLUE – The connected pipe section.

Below is a short video showing the area in the ceiling.

Hello world! Yes indeed hello to the world!

This is my very own, just for fun, website! I’ll also be testing things here too so if something looks broken then that’s probably because it is broken. I’m a web designer by day and a cider drinker by night, not every night though and I don’t design websites every day either, even though it feels like that sometimes.

I live in Frodsham, a small town in north Cheshire, which is a big county in northern England, the original England that’s in the UK btw and not some other random England on the other side of the planet. I’m very happily married, well most of the time anyway, apart from when leaving the loo seat up or forgetting to take the bin bag out to the wheelie bin causes another noisy acrimonious quarrel 😉 Sorry if you’re reading this wifey, don’t forget this site is just for fun! We have two great kids, Libby and Bruce.

I plan to post holiday updates, photos and generally anything else I might find interesting and want to keep as a record and share with the world. Call it a kind of public diary I suppose. Now lets see how often I actually find the time to update this, probably once a year if I’m realistic.

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